Our Mission Statement

“I believe assisting people in planning for retirement and managing their assets is a sacred trust and I pledge to provide the most courteous, professional and confidential service.”

Martin R. Meier , MBA

Our Process

The planning process focuses on the goal of asset preservation through minimizing taxes and managing risk while progressing toward a retirement goal. He utilizes the following process:

  1. Pre-retirement: Complete a retirement planning process to establish a retirement objective. Move toward the objective by seeking growth of assets utilizing asset allocation strategies to manage risk while taking advantage of tax deferral. Measure progress through regular reviews of performance.
  2. Retirement: Analysis of early as well as normal retirement packages. Evaluation of the potential tax benefits available at retirement utilizing distribution strategies such as IRA Rollovers, lump sum distributions, ten year forward averaging, and in kind stock distributions using the net unrealized appreciation (NUA) rules.
  3. Post Retirement: Strategies designed with the goal to generate as much tax advantaged income as prudent while attempting to protect assets against inflation. Review the impact on income from potential long-term care costs. Analyze required minimum IRA distribution rules. Seek to create both living and estate benefits through funding of Living Trusts* and evaluating other estate planning techniques as needed. 

*LPL Financial Representatives offer access to Trust Services through The Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial. Strategies